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Smooth focus control and a fluid 0.7x —45x Greenough zoom system guarantee stress free operation with minimal ware and tare to gears. Excellent image quality and optical performance with infinity parallel Optics systems. Comfortable Operation with Ergonomic Design principle with LED light for both incident and transmitted illumination, Providing even illumination and life expectancy can reach 6000 hours. A wide range of Accessories to be equipped with the Microscope for Multi-purpose. It is an outstanding assistance Industrial, Medical and Scientific Research Areas.




Optical system                :  Greenough

Zoom Ratio                    :  1 : 6.4

Eyepiece                         :  Wide field 10x/20mm, (inter- changeable), 53-75mm IPD

Stand                              :  Dual Light stand

Viewing Body                :  Integrated Binocular,45ÌŠ

Working distance           :  110mm

Magnification Range     :  7x to 45x continuous

                                         (with 10x eyepiece)

Object field diameter     :  6.6to 28.5mm

Illumination control       :  Incident/Transmitted (“Oblique”) Setting )/ Combined illuminated

Incident light method     : LED 32 Nos,3.3W

                                         with intensity control

Transmitted light           :  3.3W LED 48 Nos, Diffused Super bright glow screen, low heat emissions.

LED service life            :  Approx 6,000 hours.

Light quality                  :  Homogeneous daylight

                                         (6500ÌŠ K),Free of UV na Dir

Power supply                 :  Universal 110V-240V ,50/60 Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer.

Packaging                      :  Packed in Styrofoam moulded box.




•    Pointer and micrometer Reticules

•    Polarizing Kit

•    0.5x,1.5x or 2.0 auxilliary objective

•    SWF 15x or SWF 20x eyepiece

•    Trinocular Head

•    Digital Camera with adapter

•    Dark field with tweezer

•    Built-in battery back up system 6hrs

•    Fluorescent attachment kit

•    External LIGHT Source.