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BESTO Advanced Stereo Microscope Model BS-42, affords viewing comfort, reduces eyestrain, and most of all provides a sharp, clear image of the specimen.  Starting with heavy, all metal construction and a baked on reagent resistant finish, this Stereo Microscopes incorporate advanced optics to deliver better magnification and a critically clear image. Achromatic Objectives are housed in a smoothly rotating turret and are Para focal for quick changes in magnification ranges.



•    Binocular head inclined at 45°.

•    Paired 10x WIDE FIELD EYE PIECE.

•    Choice of objectives, combination of either 2x and 4x or 3x and 5x (Choice is yours)

•    Rack & pinion focus control with slip clutch protection & positive stops.

•    Control Knob on base allows selection of incident, transmitted or simultaneous lighting.

•    Rectangular stage with 75mm diameter frosted glass insert.

•    Supplied in a wooden storing cabinet




Item                 Description

Stand            Dual Light, Stable stand

Eye Tube       45° Inclined Binocular Head

Eyepiece        WF 10x or WF 15x (Choice is yours)

Objectives      Paired 2x-4x or 3x-5x resolving on turret Mount with quick indexing

Illumination    Incident light 6V-25W auto bulb and transmitted light 6V-25W auto bulb

Focus            Focussing Knob on stage


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