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Welcome to Besto Instruments

BESTO has been manufacturing innovative and high quality educational equipment for scientific purposes for the last 50 years since 1962. Our Products and services include laboratory equipment for School, universities and research purpose. Our inspiring principles are : To develop and market innovative high quality products so that we can offer the best available tools for a modern educational and training system to all our clients.

With a large and established customer database throught out India, BESTO is highly recommended as a premier manufacturer of reliable, hight quality and competitively price products till at the basis of our work. The principles underline the company mission have been the foundation of decades of success and we hold these principles as being as imported now as they were in 1962. Thus, We are ready to meet new market demands with the passion and the dedication of the past, together with the tools of tomorrow, convinced that out gratification and our customer satisfaction will be the one and the same.