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An ultraviolet (UV) Transilluminator is a standard piece of equipment used in life science laboratories used for visualization of target DNA’s and proteins . The UV Transilluminator works by existing high levels of UV radiation through the viewing surface . the key application for a UV transillumination is for Visualization of DNA and protein agrose and polyacrylomide gels after electrophoresis gels can be directly placed onto the UV transilluminator, wavelength will vary on your particular application.

Transilluminator Model BTI-20 is required in biotechnology, Molecular Biology applications in colleges, Universities, Research Institutes.

These are college model transilluminators having detection limit minimum 200ng. Specification is given on left hand side.


Model BTI-20                   SPECIFICATION

Wavelength                       365 nm with suitable filter

No. of U.V  Tubes            8 imported

Wattage                             8 watts

Detection limit                  200ng

Blue Plate Area                 210 x 210 mm approx.

Body                                  MS with powder coated

UV Protection Shield        Yes