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It is universally, approved, most modern and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissue upto 1 micron thickness. The feed indicator, located in front of microtome is operated by the latest ‘CAM DRIVE SYSTEM’ for accurate feed setting from 1-50 microns in steps of one micron. The interior mechanism rests on a heavy cast iron base and is covered with a full swing protective cover for easier cleaning & lubrication.

The salient features include independent feed mechanism with automatic safety device, universal knife holder with lateral movements permitting use of the entire knife edge, universal vice type object holder for accurate centering of the specimen.



•     Conveniently located feed indicator

•     Automatic feed release mechanism

•     Convenient specimen holder

•     Safety device

•     Smooth drive wheel with locking

•     Vibration and shake proof operation

•     Minimum maintenance

•     Reduce hand stress

•     Sturdy, rigid construction

•     Protective cover for easy cleaning and lubrication.




Section thickness setting      1-50 microns in step of

                                       1 micron

Operation                         Manual

Knife length                       120 mm

Block holder                      Set of three

L moulds                          50 x 25 x 20mm

Trimming section                Upto 10-20 micron

Vertical specimen stroke      55 mm

Max. specimen size             32 mm(section)

Specimen orientation          360°

Thickness control               Manual with microtome.

Object feed                       With wheel

Honing steel                      Provided


Rotary Spencer Type Microtome with robust feed mechanism, automatic feed release and specimen refraction to deliver virtually flat and uniform sections.